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It’s now common practice for VPNs to allow for many simultaneous connections under one account. However, you should know that some of them let you connect to more devices simultaneously than others. Needless to say, all VPNs allow you to install their native applications on as many devices as you want to.

(In case you're in a hurry, our top recommendation for multiple devices is Surfshark.)

What Are The Best VPNs For Multiple Devices In 2021?

In the past, VPN providers didn’t allow for as many simultaneous connections as today. Fortunately, things have changed for the better. Nowadays, it’s impossible to find services that only let you connect one device with a single subscription.

Here’s our list of the best VPNs for many simultaneous connections:

  1. Surfshark – Unlimited Simultaneous Connections
  2. IPVanish – Unlimited Simultaneous Connections
  3. Private Internet Access – 10 Simultaneous Connections
  4. CyberGhost – 7 Simultaneous Connections
  5. NordVPN – 6 Simultaneous Connections

While all of these VPNs are great, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s discuss them more in detail.

1. Surfshark

logo surfshark

UNLIMITED Simultaneous Connections

Despite being established very recently, Surfshark has managed to surpass most of its rivals in the industry. It did this by having an aggressive marketing campaign, allowing for unlimited simultaneous connections, providing excellent security, and unblocking nearly every geo-restriction on the internet with absolute ease.

Surfshark’s security is second to none. It utilizes military-grade AES encryption and supports all common VPN protocols. The service also has an audited zero-logging policy, kill switch, and RAM-based network that prevents it from storing its subscribers’ personal info.

You’re sure to be impressed with Surfshark’s speed capabilities. Its having unlimited bandwidth has made it one of the fastest VPNs. My tests have proved that only ExpressVPN, VPN Unlimited, and NordVPN can compete with it.

Surfshark has many P2P-enabled servers that are optimized for torrenting. Using them, you’ll be able to download all the content you need. And yes, there won’t be any leaks so you’re certain to stay 100% safe from hackers, government monitors, and other meddlesome third-parties.

As mentioned earlier, Surfshark can effectively bypass almost all geo-restrictions that are thrown at it. Hence, using this VPN, it’ll be possible to watch content that’s exclusively available on the foreign libraries of your preferred streaming service.

Like all top-tier VPN providers, Surfshark is capable of bypassing China’s Great Firewall. For that reason, you may employ it to freely browse the global internet in the country without any restrictions.

Surfshark doesn’t have the largest network. Be that as it may, the service operates more than enough servers to maintain your anonymity and keep you connected to anywhere. In addition, its developers have created native applications for all major operating systems. There are even browser extensions for Google Chrome and Firefox.

You can get Surfshark for as low as $2.49 if you opt for a 2-year subscription. While it does not offer a free trial, you may try it risk-free by purchasing it then taking advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the service.

2. IPVanish

logo ipvanish

UNLIMITED Simultaneous Connections

You can think of IPVanish as a budget version of Surfshark. While it also allows for unlimited simultaneous connections, it’s cheaper, much slower, has fewer features, does not work in China, isn’t as safe to use, and can’t bypass many geoblocks.

The main reason why IPVanish isn’t that safe is because it’s based in the US, which is a country that falls under Five Eyes jurisdiction. As a result, the service must follow restrictive copyright and privacy laws. If not, it faces being shut down by the authorities.

IPVanish makes use of AES-256 encryption and has support for the most popular VPN protocols. It also has a no-logging policy, kill switch, and split tunneling feature. On top of that, it boasts a scramble feature that makes it harder for troublemakers to detect you.

Although it’s not the fastest VPN out there, IPVanish will suffice for anyone who doesn’t need the best connection. During my time using it, I had no problem downloading, browsing, and playing all of my favorite games on mobile, desktop, and consoles.

Quite surprisingly, IPVanish’s entire network is P2P enabled. That means any of its servers can be used for torrenting purposes. If anything, that’s great for individuals who download content every day. Also, it’s worth mentioning that the service does not leak data.

The applications of IPVanish are not user-friendly or aesthetically-pleasing. On the bright side, a native app is available for most widely-used operating systems. Thanks to that, most people won’t be left out if they opt for this product.

One of the best things going for IPVanish is its customer service. It can be contacted via phone, email, or chat. All of its representatives are knowledgeable, cordial, and quick in delivering their responses. As such, troubleshooting problems with the VPN is without troubles.

For a 1-month IPVAnish subscription, you’ll need to shell out $8.99. In comparison to other services, this is very cheap. That said, if you wish to try the service first before investing, buy a subscription then use the 30-day money-back guarantee in place.

3. Private Internet Access (PIA)

logo pia vpn

10 Simultaneous Connections

Private Internet Access or PIA is yet another VPN that’s based in the US. Despite that, it’s regarded by most online security experts to be very safe. How come? It has managed to maintain a flawless record ever since it got established way back in 2010.

As expected, PIA makes use of AES 256-bit encryption and supports all mainstream protocols including WireGuard. Furthermore, the service has a kill switch, malware blocker, and split tunneling feature. Moreover, it has a large network that consists of 3000+ servers.

PIA can’t bypass all streaming website geoblocks. However, the service is capable of granting you access to Netflix USA and Amazon Prime USA. Besides that, it lets you tap into foreign gaming servers and a wide range of regionally exclusive online services.

All of Private Internet Access’ servers are P2P enabled. Therefore, torrenting with the service is a no-brainer. This is especially true when you consider that it doesn’t leak information during downloading sessions regardless of where you’re paired to.

The speed capabilities of PIA are decent. Even if it can't compete with the likes of Surfshark and other top-tier services, it’s still good for streaming, general web browsing, downloading, and playing games. When using it, you certainly won’t suffer from long loading times.

Sad to say, despite its large network, Private Internet Access isn’t capable of bypassing Chinese censorship measures. As such, it’s not the best choice for individuals who are looking to use a VPN to bypass the Great Firewall and other similar systems.

PIA has native apps as well as extensions for every common operating system and browser. All of which are user-friendly and light on memory. Even children and the elderly are sure to master them in no time. This is excellent for those who are looking for a seamless VPN experience.

One final thing to mention is that Private Internet Access is extremely affordable. It charges a very small amount for each of its plans. With that said, a 30-day money-back guarantee is present for anyone who wants to try the service without spending cash.

4. CyberGhost

logo cyberghost

7 Simultaneous Connections

CyberGhost is a Romanian service that’s known for having the largest network of any VPN. It has more than 7000 servers around the globe. The client even maintains a presence in countries that aren’t friendly towards VPNs like China.

It’s evident that CyberGhost’s developers emphasized security. That’s because it utilizes AES-256 military-grade encryption and supports all widely-used protocols. Also, the service has awesome security features such as split tunneling, a kill switch, and a malware blocker.

The degree in which CyberGhost affects your internet connection largely depends on the server you’re connected to. With that said, in my experience, the VPN seldomly slowed my base connection to the point where I couldn’t get anything done.

As you might’ve expected, CyberGhost is capable of working around most streaming website geoblocks. It can be used as a tool to grant you access to everything from Netflix to Amazon Prime without any sort of hitches. 

However, the service cannot be used to tap into the global internet in China. Despite having a presence in the country, it can’t leap across the Great Firewall or similar systems.

CyberGhost allows subscribers to download torrents on its network. It has many P2P enabled servers that are optimized for the job. Using them, you may obtain all sorts of content without needing to worry about leakage.

What’s awesome about CyberGhost is that it maintains apps for nearly all common operating systems. These applications are similar in the sense that they’re incredibly user-friendly and light on memory. Furthermore, each one of them is wonderfully easy to download and install.

I’ve had no troubles with CyberGhost’s customer service. Regardless of how I contacted the service, a quick and cordial response was always delivered. For that reason, solving the problems that I encountered wasn’t a hassle as it should’ve been.

Budget is not an issue when it comes to CyberGhost. Its 18-month plan costs just $2.26 per month, making it one of the most affordable VPN solutions out there. That said, anyone that wants to try the service without shelling out cash can make use of its free trial.

5. NordVPN

logo nordvpn

6 Simultaneous Connections

NordVPN is a definite must-try for anyone who needs to beef up their online security. While it only allows for a maximum of 6 simultaneous device connections, the service is certain to maintain your safety whenever and wherever you go online. 

A large reason why NordVPN is so safe is because it utilizes AES 256-bit encryption and has support for all leading VPN protocols including WireGuard. Moreover, the service also boasts many of the latest and greatest security features like a malware blocker and kill switch.

Many say that NordVPN is the fastest service out there. During my time using it, I’ve never had issues with loading times, buffering, and anything related. General browsing and gaming were buttery smooth. If anything, it was like I wasn’t using a VPN at all.

You can stream content on nearly any website using NordVPN. Its massive network of 5000 servers is more than capable of bypassing every geoblock that’s thrown at it. Due to that, the content you’ll get to watch shall no longer be dictated by where you are.

Quite surprisingly, not all of NordVPN’s servers are P2P enabled. Be that as it may, the VPN is still a great choice for those who download torrents frequently. Why? It detects downloading activity then automatically pairs you with an optimized server.

Unlike most of its competitors, NordVPN works in China like a charm. Although reports state that downtime periods exist, our testers in the country say that it’s super reliable. With it, accessing the global internet is beyond possible regardless of where you are.

NordVPN has apps for iOS, Android, Linux, Chromebook OS, Windows, and macOS. Also, it maintains browser extensions for Firefox and Chrome. Hence, there’s no device that you’ll be unable to install the service on. Regardless of what you use, you’ll be protected.

Although it isn’t the cheapest VPN available, NordVPN’s prices are within the reach of average consumers. Making things better is the fact that a 30-day money-back guarantee exists and hundreds of coupons are available that enable you to get a better deal. 

Why Use A VPN With The Most Simultaneous Connections?

Why Use A VPN With The Most Simultaneous Connections


For starters, you’ll want a VPN that allows for many simultaneous connections because it offers better value for money. Using it, you shall get to keep more individuals protected with just one subscription. If anything, this is great for those with large households or small businesses.

VPNs that let you connect lots of devices simultaneously are also a must-have for people who use many gadgets to access the internet. Apart from safeguarding you from government monitors and hackers, they also let you access restricted websites and services.

Lastly, a service that has many simultaneous connections gives you the chance to tap into the global internet on many devices in countries where censorship is rampant. Examples of such places include China, Turkey, Iran, the UAE, Iraq, North Korea, Russia, and Belarus.

How To Choose A VPN For Simultaneous Connections?

How To Choose A VPN For Simultaneous Connections


With so many services to choose from, it can be difficult for average consumers like yourself to choose what’s best to get. Fortunately, we’ve got your back and have listed what to consider when picking what VPN for simultaneous connections should you buy.

  • Security

All of the best VPNs for multiple devices prioritize security over anything else. They make use of the best encryption and support every leading protocol. In addition, they also have a broad feature set that gives them a competitive edge versus their many counterparts.

  • Speed

Sadly, there’s no such thing as a VPN that doesn’t affect connection speeds. But, the degree in which a service does so varies greatly. For that reason, you must select a client with a reputation for being fast so you’ll not end up having sluggish internet.

  • Unlocking Capabilities

Many get VPNs to watch content on streaming websites that would otherwise not be available in their region. As such, it’s important to purchase a service that can unblock the foreign libraries of your preferred platforms so you can stream anything you want.

  • Compatibility

The ability to connect an unlimited number of devices simultaneously using one VPN account is useless if your service isn’t compatible with a wide range of operating systems. Therefore, you must always go with something that has got native apps for all common operating systems.

  • User-Friendliness

If you’re opting for a VPN for multiple devices, it’s likely that you won’t be the only person who’ll be using it. Due to that, you have to make sure the client you’re getting is suitable for everyone who shall use it. All of its apps should be easy to use and navigate.

  • Functionality in China

The Great Firewall of China is an obstacle only a handful of VPNs can deal with. In fact, the few that do often don’t find success regularly. Hence, you should strive to check reviews to find out if what your getting works in the country. Plus, if a VPN functions there, it’s likely that it’ll work in other places where the internet is heavily censored.

  • Price

Price is the most important thing to consider when choosing what VPN service to get for multiple devices. After all, no one has an unlimited budget to spend on anything. Remember to never go for the cheapest option available. Instead, go with the one that offers the greatest value.

How About Connecting Your Router To A VPN?

How About Connecting Your Router To A VPN


When a VPN service is installed on a router, all of your paired devices shall get to reap its benefits. And yes, it won’t matter how many gadgets are connected or how many simultaneous connections your client allows for.

An unfortunate thing is that setting up a VPN on a router often isn’t easy. While some services have made the process elementary, most haven’t. Because of that, individuals who are not tech-savvy are most likely going to have a difficult time doing things by themselves.

It should also be mentioned that many VPN services sell pre-configured routers. These routers provide you with an easy out-of-the-box experience. If anything, they’re the go-to choice for anyone who doesn’t wish to go through a tedious installation process.

In Summary

Let’s have a quick recap of the five best VPNs for multiple devices discussed earlier:

  1. Surfshark

Surfshark is undoubtedly the best VPN for multiple devices. It allows for unlimited simultaneous connections, has great security, can unblock all major streaming sites, and has excellent native apps. In addition, it also works in China with amazing reliability.

  1. IPVanish

IPVanish also lets your pair an unlimited number of devices at the same time under a single account. Besides that, it has excellent customer service and a fully enabled P2P network, making it super optimized for downloading all kinds of torrent files.

  1. Private Internet Access (PIA)

With PIA, you’ll get to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously. The service is a great choice for budget-conscious individuals who don’t wish to spend much. Why? It’s one of the cheapest VPN services available that’s consistent in having excellent reviews.

  1. CyberGhost

CyberGhost lets you pair a maximum of 7 gadgets concurrently. It has a massive server network along with wonderful apps that are all user-friendly. Moreover, the service is more than capable of bypassing geoblocks, meaning it’s great for movie buffs.

  1. NordVPN

Even if NordVPN only lets you connect up to 6 devices simultaneously, it’s still an excellent choice for anyone who’s getting a VPN. That’s because it works in China, is loaded with features, has great security, and can work around almost any geoblock.

VPNWhy Is It Good for Multiple Devices?PricesLink
logo surfsharkUnlimited simultaneous connections,
Easy-to-use apps,
Fast speeds,
Excellent security features,
Great unblocking capabilities
$6.49/Month (6 Months)
$2.49/Month (2 Years)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee For All Subscriptions
Click for BEST Price
logo ipvanishUnlimited simultaneous connections,
Excellent customer service,
Fully enabled P2P network
$6.75/month (Quarterly)
$4.87/Month (Annual)
Click for BEST Price
logo pia vpn10 simultaneous connections,
Wonderful security,
Decent prices,
Simple Android app
$9.95 (1 Month)
$3.33/Month (1-Year)
$2.69/Month (2-Years)
Click for BEST Price
logo cyberghost7 simultaneous connections,
User-friendly apps,
Reasonable prices,
Decent security
14-Day Money-Back Guarantee

$7.99/Month (6-Months)
$2.76/Month (18-Months)
45-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Click for BEST Price
logo nordvpn6 simultaneous connections,
Great unlocking capabilities,
Decent apps,
Blazingly fast speeds
$6.99/Month (1-Year)
$4.99/Month (2-Year)
$3.49/Month (3-Year)

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee For All Subscriptions
Click for BEST Price

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