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No. Proton VPN is not the best VPN solution for your Amazon Fire TV Stick. 

While it has decent streaming capabilities, the service lacks a dedicated app for the streaming device. In addition, it has a rather tiny network that is only capable of granting you access to a handful of restricted streaming platform libraries.

That said, you can still use ProtonVPN on your Amazon Fire TV Stick despite it not having an application for the device. In this article, we’ll discuss how to do that and also talk about everything else that you need to know regarding the subject.

Has a free-tier subscriptionFree-tier subscription lacks features
Decent speed capabilitiesNo Firestick application
Unblocks most streaming platformsSmall server network
Competitively priced

Does ProtonVPN Work On Firestick?

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Yes. ProtonVPN does work on Amazon Fire Stick. 

This is despite the fact that it doesn’t have an application for the platform. From my experience, the provider did quite well. I was easily able to tap into many streaming service libraries that wouldn’t be accessible with its help. 

Why Use ProtonVPN For Firestick?

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Your Amazon Fire Stick is a very handy tool. It can turn any regular television into the ultimate home entertainment hub. Thanks to it, you’ll be able to do everything from checking social media to streaming shows and movies on your television.

Below are the top streaming services that you can access using Amazon’s Fire TV Stick:

  1. Prime Video
  2. Netflix
  3. YouTube
  4. Roku
  5. HBO Max
  6. Hulu

ProtonVPN’s servers are capable of bypassing the geo-restrictions that are put in place by each of these platforms. Thanks to that, with the VPN’s assistance, you’ll be able to access a whole bunch of new content. If anything, this should be great news to avid streamers like yourself.

In addition, you can also use ProtonVPN on your Fire Stick to access restricted websites and online services. That means that when you’re abroad, it shall be possible for you to use the internet just like you normally would do at home.

Last but not least, using ProtonVPN on your Amazon Fire TV Stick can improve your connection speeds. How? Like many of its competitors in the VPN industry, ProtonVPN is capable of getting rid of the bandwidth throttling that’s imposed by your ISP to prevent network overloading.

How To Install ProtonVPN On Amazon Firestick

There is only one way to install ProtonVPN on your Fire Stick. Don’t worry though as setting the provider up on the streaming device is very easy. All you shall need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Avail of a ProtonVPN Subscription
ProtonVPN Subscription Plans

ProtonVPN has many paid subscription plans for you to choose from. But of course, the more expensive plans come with more features and perks. Meanwhile, the VPN provider’s free subscription plan gives you the absolute bare minimum amount of stuff that you need.

And now, here’s a table breaking down ProtonVPN’s rates:

Subscription Lengths$0.00 (Free-Tier Subscription)
1 Month
($5.00/Month For A Basic Subscription)
($10.00/Month For A Plus Subscription)
($30.00/Month For A Visionary Subscription)
1 Year
($4.00/Month For A Basic Subscription)
($8.00/Month For A Plus Subscription)
($24.00/Month For A Visionary Subscription)
2 Years
($3.23/Month For A Basic Subscription)
($6.63/Month For A Plus Subscription)
($19.96/Month For A Visionary Subscription)
Highest Price Per Month$30.00
Lowest Price Per Month$3.23
  1. Install ProtonVPN To Your Firestick

APK Installation

Amazon Fire TV Stick’s operating system is basically a modified version of Android. Because of that, you may download and install Android app APKs onto it without problems. With that said, here are all the steps you need to take to perform ProtonVPN app APK installation:

  1. Head over to your Fire Stick’s settings menu and go straight to the Developer Options section. After that, enable Allow Apps from Unknown Sources.
  1. Type in “Downloader” on the search bar on your home screen.
  1. Install the Downloader app then open it up.
  1. Navigate to the application’s search bar and paste the URL of ProtonVPN’s Android APK.
  1. Download the service’s APK, run the installer, follow every prompt during installation. By doing the last instruction, you’ll be avoiding any potential installation problems.
  1. Once installed, ProtonVPN’s application should be ready for use.

How To Use ProtonVPN On Firestick

Once you’ve installed ProtonVPN on your Amazon Fire TV Stick, you can finally use it. If you do not know how to, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open ProtonVPN’s Firestick Application

Start by opening ProtonVPN’s application on your Amazon Fire Stick. After doing this, you may proceed to the next step or configure the VPN provider’s settings. I suggest switching to the WireGuard VPN protocol and opening the app’s automatic kill switch feature.

  1. Pick A Server
ProtonVPN servers


The next thing to do is select a server. 

How many ProtonVPN servers you’ll be able to access will depend entirely on the subscription plan you choose. With that being said, you must select a location that’s in the country that plays host to the streaming library that you wish to unblock.

I should also mention that VPN server distance has a direct impact on internet connection speeds. As such, it would be a good idea for you to pair with a nearby server.

  1. Start Browsing Or Streaming

Once you’ve connected to a ProtonVPN server, you’re all set. You may start browsing the web or watching content on your favorite digital streaming platform.

ProtonVPN Not Connecting On Firestick?

ProtonVPN Not Connecting On Firestick


ProtonVPN is not perfect. 

Its servers can sometimes get detected by streaming websites. When that happens, you’ll get blocked and brought back to your country’s local library. Do not worry though as there are several workarounds that you can do to fix things.

First of all, you can try to move over to another server. If that does not work, try reinstalling or updating ProtonVPN’s app on your Fire Stick. When that’s done, your problem shall certainly be fixed.

Is ProtonVPN Good For Amazon Fire TV Stick?

No. I’d like to once again state that ProtonVPN isn’t good for Amazon Fire Stick. The provider lacks an application for the platform. Furthermore, it doesn’t have a lot of servers. Due to that, your viewing options will be limited when using it.

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