PureVPN Review, Coupon Code & Free Trial

The VPN industry has developed rapidly in recent years. Not long ago, it was dominated by only a handful of services. Nowadays, consumers like yourself have a plethora of options. Because of that, it’s harder than ever to settle on which provider to choose, download, and use.

So what is PureVPN? It’s one of the best VPN services right now. Like most of its competitors, it focuses on providing subscribers with the best online security there is. Apart from that, it also has a goal of giving everyone access to the free internet by bypassing the geo-restrictions set by companies, governments, and other parties.

These are what we think are the disadvantages and main selling points of PureVPN:

Decent speed capabilitiesUnrefined applications
Works in ChinaMost unique features aren’t free
Unblocks most streaming platformsLimited payment options
Massive server network
Competitively priced


I’d like to begin this PureVPN review with a table showing all its features:

logo purevpn
Logging Policy No Logging
Jurisdiction Hong Kong
Protocols OpenVPN UDP
Ad and malware blockersYes
Kill switchYes
Leak TestsNo Leaks Found
Speed TestsFast
Torrenting & P2PYes (Optimized P2P Servers)
Amazon Prime
BBC iPlayer
Roku (Via Router)
Apple TV (Via Router)
Android TV
Xbox One (Via Router)
PS4 (Via Router)
Nintendo Switch (Via Router)
Selected Routers
Simultaneous Connections10
Split TunnelingYes
Additional FeaturesSecure Wi-Fi
Dedicated IP (Add-On Feature)
Port Forwarding (Add-On Feature)
DDoS Protection (Add-On Feature)
$5.82/Month (1-Year)
$3.33/Month (2-Years)

Special Offer: $0.99 for a 7-day trial plus 47% off for a 1-year subscription
Our Rating4.6

Privacy & Security

Privacy and security are the two most important things a VPN service must provide. After all, a client that’s unable to protect its subscribers or maintain their digital privacy is one that’s not worth getting. Because of that, I’ve decided to tackle this subject before anything else.

Where is PureVPN Based & Who Owns It?

Quite interestingly, PureVPN is one of the oldest VPNs in existence. It was first established back in 2006 by a dynamic duo. Today, it’s owned by GZ Systems Limited, which is a software company that primarily creates sports-oriented apps for Android mobile devices.

PureVPN is based in Hong Kong where it’s safe from the jurisdictions of the world’s surveillance alliances. As a result, it doesn’t have to follow restrictive copyright and privacy laws that may serve as a hindrance to its daily operations. It can go about freely without being closed.

Encryption & Protocols Used

As expected from any top-tier VPN, PureVPN employs AES-256 encryption. Partnering that is an undisclosed hash authentication algorithm and key exchange.

PureVPN supports OpenVPN (UDP & TCP), IPSec (L2TP & IKEv2), PPTP,  and SSTP. Sad to say, the service still hasn’t adopted support for WireGuard. Be that as it may, many rumors are circulating claiming that it soon will.

PureVPN  Leak Test

Complete leak protection is something that PureVPN proudly claims to provide on its website. I had to determine if the VPN provider’s claims are true. To do this, I conducted several tests using IPLeak.net. Here’s a screenshot showing my legit IP address:

IP Leak Test – No VPN

IP Leak Test – No VPN

And this is what the test showed after I connected to PureVPN’s server in Japan:

IP Leak Test – Tokyo

IP Leak Test – Tokyo

Now here’s the result following my switch to the service’s United States server:

IP Leak Test – US

IP Leak Test – US

Thankfully, both of PureVPN’s servers managed to hide my legitimate IP address without any issues. Even after redoing the tests, my results were the same. As such, it’s now possible for me to declare the service to be suitable for anyone looking to remain 100% under the radar.

Does PureVPN Keep Logs?

Several years ago, PureVPN was caught storing logging information despite having a zero-logs policy. It gave away information to the FBI to aid in a criminal investigation.

The service did this despite not being obligated to by any local Hong Kong laws. As a result, many experts say that PureVPN is a VPN service that’s not to be trusted by any means.

Recently, the people behind PureVPN have been making an active effort to regain the positive reputation that the service lost. This is being done through a series of third-party audits. What’s great is that these audits revealed that PureVPN no longer stores user information.

While it’s said to not keep logs anymore, many still deem PureVPN to be untrustworthy. That’s because it still hasn’t transitioned to using RAM-based servers that are not capable of storing private user information.

Does PureVPN Have A Kill Switch?

Does PureVPN Have A Kill Switch

Yes. Like most top-tier VPN providers, PureVPN does have a built-in kill switch feature. It’s available on all the service’s apps and browser extensions. You do not even have to trouble yourself with enabling it as it already is by default.

A kill switch is a security feature that automatically cuts off your internet connection if ever your VPN connection gets compromised. It’s particularly useful for people that live in places that experience frequent power outages. Besides that, it is a great tool to have if you don’t want the local authorities in your area to find out you’re using a VPN.

Does PureVPN Have an Ad and Malware Blocker?

Yes. PureVPN has a built-in protective measure against intrusive advertisements and malware software that may infect your device. Thanks to it, you’ll get to have a seamless and safer browsing experience that’s completely free of any annoying unwanted interruptions.

Does PureVPN Have an Ad and Malware Blocker

Keep in mind that many reports state that PureVPN’s ad and malware blocker isn’t the best that’s currently available. In fact, some people argue that it should be avoided altogether because it doesn’t filter out every intrusive advertisement that pops up.

Is PureVPN Safe?

Yes. PureVPN is without a doubt a safe service to use. 

It has every security feature that one would ever desire in a VPN provider. While it was caught logging user information and providing them to the authorities in the past, it has been making steps to rebuild its reputation. The most significant of which is its having itself independently audited by multiple leading online security firms.

Speed Test

Feedback regarding PureVPN’s speed capabilities has been mixed. Some claim the service is blazingly fast while others say that it’s extremely slow. 

With that said, you should know that it does have unlimited bandwidth, meaning it doesn’t put a cap on how much data can be trafficked through its thousands of servers. Therefore, when using it, there’s actually no limit to how fast your internet connection can get.

I decided to run several speed tests to determine how fast PureVPN is. Before we look at the results, here’s a screenshot of my base connection for reference:

Speed Test – No VPN

Speed Test – No VPN

Here’s how it changed once I connected to the service’s Japanese server:

Speed Test – Tokyo

Speed Test – Tokyo

And finally, this is what happened following my move to PureVPN’s server in the US:

Speed Test – US

Speed Test – US

The first PureVPN server that I connected to hardly made an impact on my base connection speeds. If anything, it only really hurt my ping. 

Meanwhile, the service’s second server I paired with drastically altered my connection. It caused my downloading and uploading speeds to go down and my ping to go up significantly.

How Fast is PureVPN?

PureVPN isn’t the fastest VPN on the market. Despite having unlimited bandwidth, the service couldn’t keep up with the likes of NordVPN and ExpressVPN. Nevertheless, those who are connected to the right server are still going to have a good internet connection.

In summary, I’d have to say that PureVPN is more than suitable for individuals who don’t need the fastest internet speeds. Using it, streaming content, general browsing, and even gaming are definitely possible if you’re connected to a server that’s not that geographically distant.

Torrenting & P2P

Not all of its server locations are P2P-enabled. Even so, PureVPN can indeed be used for torrenting. The reason why is because it has a collection of optimized servers that easily can be connected to. One issue is that none of these servers are located in the US.

In addition to what’s stated above, PureVPN is also compatible with all major torrenting clients available. You can use it without problems with uTorrent, qBittorrent, and BitTorrent.

To know if PureVPN was free of torrenting leaks, I conducted several tests. Here’s a screenshot showing how the service did while I was connected to its server in Japan:

Torrenting Leak Test – Tokyo

Torrenting Leak Test – Tokyo

This is the result after I paired to its Singapore VPN server:

Torrenting Leak Test – Singapore

Torrenting Leak Test – Singapore

Both of my torrenting tests yielded great results. They showed that PureVPN doesn’t leak during torrenting sessions. Hence, it can be trusted to keep its subscribers completely anonymous and protected whenever they partake in torrenting sessions.

Is PureVPN Good for Torrenting?

Yes. PureVPN is good for torrenting. While it doesn’t have a fully enabled P2P network, it still has the means to facilitate the job. Furthermore, the service doesn’t leak when torrenting, meaning that it can hide you from the eyes of any watching malicious parties.


For a lot of people, a VPN isn’t a security tool. Rather, it’s a means to gain access to the many restricted foreign libraries of streaming services and websites. With the right service, it’ll be possible to view shows and movies that would otherwise be unavailable on everything from Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, etc.

The consensus among experts is that PureVPN is a great VPN solution for anyone that wishes to watch more content. It has no trouble getting around geo-restrictions consistently. This is great because the same can only be said for a small handful of competing services.

Does PureVPN Work with Netflix?

Netflix is by far the world’s most popular streaming platform. Because of that, it was only right for me to see if PureVPN could work alongside it. To do this, I tried to watch Spotlight (a title that’s only available on Netflix USA) on the service’s United States server. Here’s how it did:

Netflix Test - US

Netflix Test – US

Here’s a screenshot showing the outcome following my attempt to watch Deadpool using PureVPN’s server in the UK:

Netflix Test - UK

Netflix Test – UK

Quite surprisingly, PureVPN was able to grant me access to both Netflix USA and UK. However, the service only gave me a good viewing experience when I was streaming Spotlight.

PureVPN’s UK server made my internet so slow that it took more than ten minutes for me to access the title I wanted. On top of that, it caused severe buffering and made the quality significantly drop. I’d even go as far as to say watching the movie was impossible.

Does PureVPN Work with Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime Video is another well-known streaming platform that’s used by millions around the globe. Thus, it was the ideal thing to utilize to determine if PureVPN worked with platforms besides Netflix. 

Here’s the result after I tried to watch The Avengers while paired to PureVPN’s US server:

Amazon Prime Test - US

Amazon Prime Test – US

PureVPN was able to bypass Amazon Prime Video’s geoblocks easily. Since I was using a fast server, my viewing experience was generally buffering-free. Also, not once did the quality of what I was watching dropped. Everything played wonderfully in vibrant 4K resolution.

Does PureVPN Work on Firestick?

Amazon Fire TV Stick is the preferred streaming device of many. 

Like other top-tier clients, there’s a PureVPN app that’s available for it. Consequently, I had to see how well the VPN functioned with the device. I did this by pairing with a US server and then watching a YouTube video that’s not available in my current location:

Firestick Test

Firestick Test

As expected, PureVPN worked wonderfully with my Amazon Fire TV Stick. It worked around the restrictions of YouTube like a charm and allowed me to watch the video in 4K resolution without any buffering, lengthy loading times, or quality issues.

Is PureVPN Good For Streaming?

Yes. PureVPN is a decent choice for people that stream content frequently. 

However, it isn’t the best option for those who like watching shows, videos, and movies that can be found in places other than the USA. That’s because the VPN’s servers outside the country can be quite slow, and thus, unsuitable to be used for streaming purposes.


PureVPN is suitable for all kinds of gamers. How come? It can be utilized with everything from mobile devices to consoles. To use the VPN service with your Playstation, Xbox, or Switch, simply install it on a compatible router then connect your console to that router’s wifi.

Gaming Test

Gaming Test

My experience gaming while connected to PureVPN has been positive. Thanks to the service, it became possible for me to tap into foreign game servers. On top of that, I was able to remain anonymous and still retain my competitive advantage when playing Call of Duty Mobile.


PureVPN Compatibility

A VPN provider must be compatible with a wide array of devices to achieve success. Why so? It must safeguard its subscribers on all the devices they use. Failure to achieve this means that it’ll not be able to provide the comprehensive online security that it promised to.

Unfortunately, the developers of PureVPN have not created apps for every leading operating system. In addition, they also haven’t made extensions for all mainstream web browsers. 

Operating Systems

There are native PureVPN applications for Windows, Linux, Android, macOS, and iOS. Sad to say, there’s currently no app that’s available for Chromebook OS. As a result, its users must resort to installing the service on a router to use it with the operating system.


PureVPN has extensions for Chrome and Firefox. In addition, it can be used on top of the Tor browser to add an extra layer of security to it. This is great since the browser is arguably the favorite of all internet users that value security and privacy above anything else.


It’s possible to install PureVPN on the following router brands:

Newifi router
Fresh Tomato router
OpenWRT router
Huawei router
Netgear (Netduma and Nighthawk)
Asus RT-AC 88u
Linksys Smart Wifi
TP Link Archer
Sitecom Gigabit
Synology NAS DSM 5.0 OpenVPN
Synology NAS DSM 5.0 PPTP
Synology PPTP
Netgear Genie

Please note that installing PureVPN on a router is a rather technical process. Although it’s not that hard, people who are not tech-savvy won’t find it easy. Apart from that, you should also remember that you shouldn’t install the service on your router if it's working as a modem.

Simultaneous Connections

To keep up with the competition, PureVPN has now allowed for 10 simultaneous device connections under one account. In the industry, few VPNs can match this offering. Also, even fewer let you connect more devices concurrently. The only two examples are Surfshark and IPVanish.


PureVPN Servers

PureVPN has more than 6500 server locations across the world. In comparison to other VPNs, its network is impressively-sized. Only CyberGhost operates more servers.

If you’re wondering, a VPN with a larger network is superior because it’s less prone to getting overloaded. Furthermore, it provides more connectivity options to its users. Last but not least, it’s much better at maintaining the anonymity and privacy of subscribers.


Does PureVPN Work in China?

Yes. PureVPN can bypass the Great Firewall despite it operating from Hong Kong. Each one of our testers in China have been able to access the global internet using the service. Additionally, they’ve been able to do it with the consistency that any visitor to the country would need.

Since it works in China, you can expect PureVPN to work in other places where the internet is heavily censored. Therefore, it’s safe to say the service provider is an invaluable tool when it comes to accessing the world wide web freely.

Interface & Usability

The interface of PureVPN’s apps look simple but are quite difficult to navigate. People who lack patience or are not well-versed with technology will surely have a hard time when first using them. However, once mastered, these apps will be as easy to use as any other VPN app.

PureVPN Interface

PureVPN’s native Windows app, in particular, really gave me a headache at first. I hated the fact that I had to manually disconnect from the server I’m using to connect to another one. Apart from that, I also had a hard time tweaking the settings and looking for servers to pair to.

Does PureVPN Have Split Tunneling?

Yes. PureVPN does have a split tunneling feature on all of its applications. To activate it, just head over to the setting menu. After that, you’ll get to experience the whole new degree of convenience that the awesome feature provides.

Additional Features

Secure Wi-Fi is the only free exclusive feature that PureVPN offers. It’s a protective measure that keeps your devices safe whenever you connect to public hotspots.

Besides what’s mentioned above, PureVPN has three paid add-on features. The first of which lets you establish a dedicated IP address. Meanwhile, the second and third allow you to add another layer of security to your VPN experience via DDoS protection and port forwarding.

Customer Support

I’ve had nothing but a stellar experience with PureVPN’s customer support. DIY troubleshooting has not been an issue thanks to the service’s wide online knowledgebase. In addition, getting assistance has been super easy thanks to the availability of ticket, email, and live chat support.

All of the PureVPN representatives that I’ve communicated with have been cordial and quick in delivering their responses. One issue that I have with them is that they sometimes don’t give in-depth answers. In some instances, they even make me feel like I’m talking to a robot.

Below is a table showing all that PureVPN offers in regards to customer support:

Live ChatYes
Email SupportYes
Phone SupportNo
Ticket SupportYes
Video Tutorials No
Online Knowledge BaseYes
Average Response Time1 Hour

If anything the only things PureVPN needs to improve its customer service is to improve its average response time and create video tutorials. Now, if you’re wondering, we don’t think phone support is necessary since the number of landline users is rapidly diminishing. 


PureVPN offers some of the best prices for a VPN subscription. It’s a wonderful option for those on a budget since it is more affordable than the majority of its competitors. It is even cheaper than Private Internet Access, which is famous for being a great budget option.

Refer to the table below to know all of PureVPN’s rates:

Subscription Lengths$10.95/Month
1 Year ($5.82/Month)
2 Years ($3.33/Month)
Highest Price Per Month$10.95
Lowest Price Per Month$3.33
One Year Price$69.95
Special Offer$0.99 for a trial plus 47% off for a 1-year subscription

The VPN provider’s current special offer makes its 1-year subscription plan the best option for anyone who’s looking for great value. 

Needless to say, all the other plans are perfectly fine to buy. Of course, we recommend that you go with PureVPN's $0.99 trial before making a large purchase. After all, $69.95 is a large investment for a year of online security.

Payment Options

Here’s a list of all the payment options PureVPN supports:

  1. Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX)
  2. Debit Card
  3. PayPal
  4. Skrill
  5. Alipay
  6. Paysafecard
  7. Payza
  8. Bank Transfer (Transactions Worth $500+ Only)
  9. Western Union (Transactions Worth $500+ Only)

Unfortunately, GZ Systems Limited hasn’t made cryptocurrency payment options available yet. Because of that, there’s currently no way to purchase or renew a PureVPN subscription anonymously. Sad to say that for many, this may serve as a deal-breaker.

Refund Policy & Money-Back Guarantee

PureVPN has a straightforward money-back guarantee policy.

You have a window of 31 days after subscribing to contact the VPN’s customer service and ask for a refund. And yes, this 31-day money-back guarantee extends to all of PureVPN’s plans.

Deals, Coupon Code & Free Trial

My team knows how difficult it is to find a good deal or discount nowadays. Sadly, we couldn’t find any PureVPN coupon codes online for you to use. Fortunately, PureVPN has a trial offer. They offer a great deal wherein you can pay $0.99 for a trial then be eligible for 47% off for a 1-year subscription.

In addition to what’s stated, you should know that PureVPN regularly has short-time promotions that give you massive discounts. One problem is that these promotions are rarely announced before they happen. As such, you must constantly be on the lookout for them.


Is PureVPN worth it?

Yes. PureVPN is worth it, especially when you consider its price. The service provides decent security and boasts commendable speed capabilities. It can also facilitate safe torrenting sessions as well as work around the majority of streaming platform geo-restrictions.

The server network of PureVPN is the second largest in the VPN industry. It lets you connect to an almost unlimited number of locations. You may even access the web without restrictions in countries like China, Russia, and Iran while using the service.

{Please see our other articles where we compare PureVPN with other top VPNs side-by-side: Surfshark, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, VPN Unlimited, VyprVPN, Private Internet Access (PIA), CyberGhost, TunnelBear, IPVanish, and Avast VPN.}

Another great thing about PureVPN is that it lets you pair a maximum of 10 devices at the same time. Finally, the provider is compatible with many browsers and operating systems. That means it’s capable of safeguarding you on all your devices.

About the author 

Kris Soliongco

Kris has two passions in life: writing and tech. He’s been building computers since he was eight years old and is very knowledgeable about online security. The first time he was exposed to VPNs was in 2016. Since then, he’s used a plethora of services and has gained much experience.